Epipen shortage in the UK – update

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING EPIPEN SHORTAGE   –  http://www.epipen.co.uk as at 27 September 2018

Extended Use Beyond Labelled Expiry Date for Select Lots of EpiPen® 0.3mg Adrenaline Auto-Injectors

To address supply constraints of EpiPen 0.3mg, Mylan UK have obtained acceptance from the MHRA to extend the use beyond labelled expiry date for specific lot (batch) numbers of EpiPen 0.3mg auto-injectors, beyond the labelled expiry date by four months. The affected lot numbers are listed in the table below.

Patients should have confidence in using the products from these particular lots as Pfizer works to stabilize supply, which is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2018.

This announcement is based on a careful review of product stability data provided by Pfizer. We believe the extension of use beyond the labelled expiry date will temporarily address patients’ access to and use of EpiPen 0.3mg Auto-Injectors.

The affected lots, which have labelled expiry dates between July 2018 and November 2018 are listed in the table below.


Lot Labelled Expiry Date

(end of the month)

Extended Use by Date

(end of the month)

6FA794J 07.2018 11.2018
6FA795Y 07.2018 11.2018
7FA112F 09.2018 01.2019
7FA106B 09.2018 01.2019
7FA283B 10.2018 02.2019
7FA251D 10.2018 02.2019
7FA250B 10.2018 02.2019
7FA265C 11.2018 03.2019
7FA265B 11.2018 03.2019

Important: the extended use only applies to the lots of EpiPen 0.3mg auto-injectors listed above.

The extension of use beyond the labelled expiry date does not apply to EpiPen 0.15mg auto-injectors or any lot numbers not specified. Patients must continue to adhere to the manufacturer’s expiry date labelled on any EpiPen not covered by the lot numbers above


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